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February 25, 2017

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles)
Results for Matches 21st February
Report-It was the last eight of this seasons Kingpin knockout with the holders YoungUns progressing to the Semi Finals after beating The Warlords @ Archdales they now meet The Westsiders and the other tie is The Backscuttlers v Brewers Arms alleys and dates to follow.
Results Sec.
Peter Wilding
King Pin
Brewers 285
A Wills 31
Misspins 248
R Rudge 26
Backscuttlers 322
D Brookes 36
Avengers 257
C Rees 43
Westsiders 337
K Ingram 43, C Griffiths 41
Old Reynards 344
T Trigg 34
Warlords 332
A Jauncey 38
YoungUns 395
S Hooper 50, D Banfield 45, A Hudspith 34
E Carterer KO Cup
Rearranged Match
Group B
Scaplehorns 443(2)
N Whittaker 46, R Rammer 42
Hanleys 448(9)
C Wood 47, P Lerry 43, S Lerry 40, G Philpots 40
Hanleys now qualify for The Q/F’s with The Warlords.

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