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League News
April 16, 2017

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Results for 11th April Report-With only 2 matches to go in Division 1 & 2 and with Division 3 complete their are still a few issues to be sorted with Champions and Runners up. The YoungUns are a win away from retaining the Division One title after a 10-1 victory against The Brewers […]

League News
April 2, 2017

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Results for 28th March Report-Hallow’A’ became the 3rd Division Champions with one game to go by beating The Grasshoppers 411-280(11-0) unfortunate for the latter only having to play with 10 men but they turned up and made a game of it, now still have a game to and also await the draw for […]

League News
March 25, 2017

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Results for 21st March Report- Scaplehorns were at home against The Westsiders at The Saracens Head they won the first leg 101-91 then lost the next 82-100 to become 8 down, the third leg The Scaplehorns scored a massive 116 with The Westsiders responding with a 94 now being 14 down the latter […]

League News
March 20, 2017

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Results for 14th March Report- It was the final group games of both knockout cups with quarter-final berths still to contend for, Warlords were at The Portobello v The Saints from Division 2 with the latter already out of the competition, lost the first 3 legs of the match and were down by […]

League News
March 12, 2017

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Results for 7th March Report- It was The Playboys playing at The Gun against The Scaplehorns the latter started tremendously with a 113 leg and led the game by 28 pins then over the next three legs The Playboys pulled back 37 pins to lead the game by 9, the final leg The […]

League News
March 4, 2017

W & D S L(Tuesday Skittles) Results for Matches 28th February Report-It was the meeting between The Rebels & The Newsmen at Norton Sports Club with both teams currently filling in the bottom two positions in Division One also they both came up last season both trying hard to avoid relegation straight away , with […]

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