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New season start Tuesday 5th September
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Weekly report on matches played throughout the season. Player stats, tops scores and team news. All this can be found on our news page.

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Find out where your team positions are during the season and see how each team performs over the last 5 matches.

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The latest competitions updates page is available for team fixtures, group positions and next match information. Easy keep track of competitions.

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New teams and players can register online before the start of the season. Just visit our sign up page to find all the information you need to get started.

Marstons Tuesday Night Skittles

Make the most of your Tuesday nights

Worcester Skittles new spnsor

Worcester Skittles is now sponsored by Marston's Beer Company as the main sponsor for the skittles league for 2018-2019.  The league is also sponsored by a number of independent local pubs and the Worcester News

This season brings a complete change to how many leagues will now take place. We have now two main divisions  competing every Tuesday night between September and May. With added competitions such as the Mick Potter Trophy & The E Carterer knockout.

Western Alley Skittles is  the most popular and basic version of Alley Skittles wherein Nine Pins has long been played in public houses of England. In general, players take turns to throw wooden balls down a lane at the end of which are several wooden skittles in an attempt to knock them all over.

To find out more about the sport and the history of pub skittles visit the traditional games website. To create a team and join our league please contact our league secretary using our new team registration page.

Latest News

All the seasons news and reports

League News
League News
December 16, 2018

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Marston’s Skittle League Games played 4th December Results Sec.Pete Wilding Division One Misspins 397(0) A Houlston 39 Westsiders 425(9) S Skates 42 Warlords 421(10) P Jauncey 46, A Jauncey 42, G Rudge 41, J Chambers 40 Newsmen 409(1) K Smith 41 Playboys 455(10) I Morris 52, An Davies 49, R Taylor 45, T […]

League News
League News
December 3, 2018

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Marston’s Skittle League Matches played 27th November Results Sec. Pete Wilding Division One Westsiders 436(10) S Wilks 44, D Fryer 42 XS Pins 391(0) T Burford 41 Newsmen 446(11) M Smith 49, L Smith 43 Misspins 404(0) D Bufton 37, J Bishop 37 Playboys 481(2) Pe Wilding 54, T Maysey 49, A Taylor […]

League News
League News
December 3, 2018

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Marston’s Skittle League Matches played 20th November Results Sec. Pete Wilding Division One Old Reynards 391(0) B Cooper 36 Westsiders 456(10) S Skates 47, L Thomas 42, J Ballance 41 XS Pins 378(6) M Clarke 36 Newsmen 378(5) A Fellows 39 Misspins 403(1) P Houlston 43, S Bishop 40 Playboys 418(10) Ad Davies […]

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Teams will be automatically selected for the Mick Potter Memorial Trophy and E carter competitions, but players and teams will need to sign up with the competition secretary for singles, pairs, county club, three cities and coronation cup.


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