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League News
January 19, 2018

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Marston’s Skittle League Matches played on 16th January 2018 Results Secretary-Pete Wilding Division One Scaplehorns 535(9) M Vale 62, D Hundley 50, B Green 49, N Whittaker 49, R Bennett 45, I Simpson 45, D Williams 41, D Knight 40 Arbos 476(2) J Collins 45, A Moss 44, T Williams 44, A Jones […]

League News
January 7, 2018

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Marston’s Skittle League Results for January 2nd 2018 Report- We are now at the halfway stage of the season with both leagues kind of taking shape for being champions and fighting for promotion and relegation Division One is now led by The Westsiders from current champions The YoungUns by 6pts at the bottom […]

League News 19-12-17
January 1, 2018

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Marston’s Skittle League Results for 19th December 2017 Results Sec- Pete Wilding Division One Old Reynards 425(10) B Cooper 44, G Crown 41 Backscuttlers 394(1) M Pawley 41 Newsmen 427(3) H Groves 47, A Fellows 40 Poachers 438(8) J Woodfield 42, T Clarke 42 Brewers 430(8) S Turberfield 45, R Stanley 41, A […]

League News
December 11, 2017

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Matches played on 5th December Results Sec.-Pete Wilding Division One Newsmen 414(0) H Groves 39 Old Reynards 439(11) G Drew 48, J Donowho 41, B Cooper 40 Brewers 394(2) P Holland 57 Backscuttlers 418(9) S Knott 43 Warlords 411(10) L Jakeman 42 Poachers 380(1) J Woodfield 37 YoungUns 439(2) JP Carey 46, D […]

League News 28-11-17
December 8, 2017

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Results for matches played on 28th November Results Sec.-Pete Wilding We had a few players scoring fifty plus this week first up B Cooper from The Old Reynards scoring a whooping 59(16-8-14-13-8) on The Bedwardine in their 10-1 victory v The Brewers Arms then up was D Freeman for The Playboys scoring 54(7-17-13-9-8) […]

League News 21-11-17
November 25, 2017

W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles) Matches played on 21st November Results Sec.- Pete Wilding This years Kingpin KO gave Division Two sides a 25 pin handicap so we go to The Alma from 2 playing The Poachers from 1 at The Archdales Club, Poachers won the first leg by 17 but then lost the next two to be […]