Tuesday Skittles
20th December 2022
King Pin KO Cup
Round One
Grasshoppers 249
A Butler 33
All Blacks 280
J Ringe 44
Vikings 251
J Taylor 31, R Bowstead 31
Avengers 230
B Ottawa 31
Poachers 313
M Hitchman 38
Saints 216
S Avery 28, G Ryland 28
YoungUns 312
A Ingram 34
Warlords 368
J Chambers 52
Bulldogs 341
C Pinches 41
Westsiders 327
K Ingram 44
Walkover Playboys
Walkover Misspins
Walkover Barbourne
Maple Syrups 311
M Banner 32, R Owen 32
XS Pins 289
A Ledington 36
Byes to Round 2- Heenans, Hallow, Monarchs, Arbos, Outsiders, Goodrest & Rebels
Round 2
Games played Tuesday 3rd January 2023
At the home teams Alleys stated first
Vikings v All Blacks at The Portobello
Poachers v Warlords at Archdales
Bulldogs v Playboys at The Bridge
Misspins v Barbourne(+25) at Madesfield Club
Heenans v Maple Syrups at The Blackpole
Hallow v Monarchs at Hallow WMC
Arbos v Outsiders(+25) at Claines RBL
Rebels v Goodrest at The Crown, Kempsey
Quarter Finals will be played on Neutrel Alleys