W&DSL(Tuesday Skittles)
Marston’s Skittle League
Results Sec.-Pete Wilding
Results for 20th February 2018
Report- Round 2 of The Kingpin KO produced two upsets with Division 2 sides beating higher opposition firstly The Playboys were playing The Grasshoppers at The Portobello and lost the first 2 legs to be behind by 4 pins but won the 3rd by 7 to only lose the final two legs to get well beaten by 28 pins and The Grasshoppers not needing their 25 start and now reach the Quarter-Finals where they will play The Avengers from their Division on April 3rd. In the other upset The Misspins were playing The XS Pins at Archdales they won the first leg by 11 lost the 2nd by 16 to go 5 down the third went to The Misspins by 28 to go 23 up they lost the last two legs 59-77 & 48-68 to go 15 down but with their 25 handicap won by 10 to also progress to the Q/F`s.
King Pin Round 2
Old Reynards 296
C Stevenson 35
Scaplehorns 295
D Weston 36
Misspins 324
D Pearce 35, P Houlston 35, R Tudge 35
XS Pins 314
M Wickett 47
Barbourne 244
J Keegan 30
Backscuttlers 300
N Adams 34
Cradley 234
S Eaves 27
Westsiders 247(4 legs)
S Skates 31
Alma 291
D Chapman 31
Newsmen 334
A Silvester 42, L Minton 41
Avengers 251
A Crawford 39
Maple Syrups 244
R Wise 39
Playboys 263
D Freeman 35
Grasshopper 316
J Price 35
Rebels 267
R Crutchley 33
Budgies 271(4 legs)
P Albutt 29, G Jones 29
Pairs Finals Nite
Friday 2nd March 2018
Draw at 8.00pm (all pairs must be present)
First match starts 8.15pm
Qualifying Pairs
A Ingram & S Evans(YoungUns)
A Taylor & R Taylor
A Davies & Pe Wilding(both Playboys)
K Pegram & C Griffiths
J Ballance & P Read
S Skates & A Tyler(all Westsiders)
J Chambers & L Jakeman(Warlords)
M Davies & S Eaves( Cradley)
This is a Kingpin Competition.