This is the results table from Division 1 2021-2022. The official league standing of the Worcester & District Skittles League can be found here.

Division 1 weekly results

Poachers vs Newsmen
Westsiders vs Playboys
Warlords vs The Rebels
Young Uns vs Scaplehorns
Playboys vs Poachers
Scaplehorns vs Warlords
Newsmen vs Young Uns
Westsiders vs Rebels
Warlords vs Young Uns
Playboys vs Newsmen
Rebels vs Poachers
Scaplehorns vs Westsiders
Newsmen vs Warlords
Poachers vs Scaplehorns
Westsiders vs Young Uns
Playboys vs Rebels
Young Uns vs Poachers
Warlords vs Westsiders
Scaplehorns vs Playboys
Poachers vs Warlords
Playboys vs Young Uns
Rebels vs Newsmen
Newsmen vs Westsiders
Warlords vs Playboys
Scaplehorns vs Rebels
Poachers vs Westsiders
Rebels vs Young Uns
Scaplehorns vs Newsmen
Scaplehorns vs Young Uns
Rebels vs Warlords
Playboys vs Westsiders
Newsmen vs Poachers
Young Uns vs Newsmen
Warlords vs Scaplehorns
Poachers vs Playboys
Newsmen vs Playboys
Young Uns vs Warlords
Rebels vs Westsiders
Warlords vs Newsmen
Westsiders vs Scaplehorns
Poachers vs Rebels
Rebels vs Playboys
Young Uns vs Westsiders
Scaplehorns vs Poachers
Playboys vs Scaplehorns
Westsiders vs Warlords
Poachers vs Young Uns
Newsmen vs Rebels
Young Uns vs Playboys
Warlords vs Poachers
Rebels vs Scaplehorns
Playboys vs Warlords
Westsiders vs Newsmen
Newsmen vs Scaplehorns
Young Uns vs Rebels
Westsiders vs Poachers