This is the results table from Division 2 2022-2023. The official league standing of the Worcester & District Skittles League can be found here.

Division 2 weekly results

Monarchs vs Outsiders
Heenans A vs Floaters
Vikings vs Barbourne BC
Maple Syrups vs All Blacks
Avengers vs Grasshoppers
Floaters vs Dropouts
Barbourne BC vs Hallow A
All Blacks vs Vikings
Grasshoppers vs Maple Syrups
Outsiders vs Avengers
Monarchs vs Floaters
Heenans A vs Barbourne BC
Hallow A vs All Blacks
Vikings vs Grasshoppers
Maple Syrups vs Avengers
Barbourne BC vs Dropouts
All Blacks vs Heenans A
Grasshoppers vs Hallow A
Avengers vs Vikings
Outsiders vs Maple Syrups
Monarchs vs Barbourne BC
Dropouts vs All Blacks
Heenans A vs Grasshoppers
Hallow A vs Avengers
Vikings vs Maple Syrups
Floaters vs Outsiders
All Blacks vs Monarchs
Grasshoppers vs Dropouts
Avengers vs Heenans A
Maple Syrups vs Hallow A
Outsiders vs Vikings
Monarchs vs Grasshoppers
Dropouts vs Avengers
Heenans A vs Maple Syrups
Hallow A vs Vikings
Floaters vs Barbourne BC
Avengers vs Monarchs
Maple Syrups vs Dropouts
Vikings vs Heenans A
Outsiders vs Hallow A
All Blacks vs Floaters
Monarchs vs Maple Syrups
Dropouts vs Vikings
Heenans A vs Hallow A
Floaters vs Grasshoppers
Barbourne BC vs Outsiders
Vikings vs Monarchs
Hallow A vs Dropouts
Outsiders vs Heenans A
Avengers vs Floaters
All Blacks vs Barbourne BC
Monarchs vs Hallow A
Dropouts vs Heenans A
Floaters vs Maple Syrups
Barbourne BC vs Grasshoppers
All Blacks vs Outsiders