Worcester and District Men’s Skittle League


Weekly report for matches played on Tuesday 1st September 2015.


Barbourne Bowling Club beat last seasons holders YoungUns in the opening matches of  The E Carterer KO Cup.


Pete Wilding

Results Secretary


E Carterer Trophy


Group A

Back Scuttlers(0)
Scaplehorns(11)Walk over
XS Pins361 (10)S Newman 36
Saints342 (1)M Robbins 37


Group B

Playboys436 (9)D Wilding 43, I Morris 43, T Hughes 40
Misspins412 (2)D Patterson 39, S Bishop 39
Brewers Arms341 (3)S Turberfield 34,
Redhill Dropouts346 (8)L Green 37


Group C

Avengers378 (9)R Taylor 46
Arbos364 (2)J Collins 38
Old Reynards391 (1)B Cooper 42
Westsiders407 (10)S Wilks 40



Group D

Budgies427 (2)G Jones 43, J Weston 40
Warlords441 (9)G  Robinson 46, P Jauncey 46, M Llewellyn 44, A Jauncey 40
Barbourne B C410(9)R Moore 42, D Pickford 41
Young Uns397(2)J Gallagher 54


Mick Potter Memorial Trophy


Group A

All Blacks408 (10)J Ringe 43
Hallow ‘A’365 (1)M Smith 35


Group B

Sarry’s Z
FloatersNo Result Sheet


Group C

Hanley Sports420 (9)T Hudson 44
Droitwich RBL380(1)D Key 43


Group D

Outsiders358 (9)P Shuard 38
Barry’s Hoppers346 (2)R Mansell 35,T Barber 35,  (11 Players)


Group E

Maple Syrups353 (2)S Hollinshead 45
Tearaways365 (9)S Collins 42


Group F

Poachers385 (1)D Harris 41
Woodmen420(10)P White 40