Results for 1st September

Worcester and District Men’s Skittle League


Weekly report for matches played on Tuesday 1st September 2015.


Barbourne Bowling Club beat last seasons holders YoungUns in the opening matches of  The E Carterer KO Cup.


Pete Wilding

Results Secretary


E Carterer Trophy


Group A

Back Scuttlers(0)
Scaplehorns(11)Walk over
XS Pins361 (10)S Newman 36
Saints342 (1)M Robbins 37


Group B

Playboys436 (9)D Wilding 43, I Morris 43, T Hughes 40
Misspins412 (2)D Patterson 39, S Bishop 39
Brewers Arms341 (3)S Turberfield 34,
Redhill Dropouts346 (8)L Green 37


Group C

Avengers378 (9)R Taylor 46
Arbos364 (2)J Collins 38
Old Reynards391 (1)B Cooper 42
Westsiders407 (10)S Wilks 40



Group D

Budgies427 (2)G Jones 43, J Weston 40
Warlords441 (9)G  Robinson 46, P Jauncey 46, M Llewellyn 44, A Jauncey 40
Barbourne B C410(9)R Moore 42, D Pickford 41
Young Uns397(2)J Gallagher 54


Mick Potter Memorial Trophy


Group A

All Blacks408 (10)J Ringe 43
Hallow ‘A’365 (1)M Smith 35


Group B

Sarry’s Z
FloatersNo Result Sheet


Group C

Hanley Sports420 (9)T Hudson 44
Droitwich RBL380(1)D Key 43


Group D

Outsiders358 (9)P Shuard 38
Barry’s Hoppers346 (2)R Mansell 35,T Barber 35,  (11 Players)


Group E

Maple Syrups353 (2)S Hollinshead 45
Tearaways365 (9)S Collins 42


Group F

Poachers385 (1)D Harris 41
Woodmen420(10)P White 40


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